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Modern Pediatric dental office San Jose
San Jose Pediatric Dentist
Dentistry for Children San Jose Best Smiles
San Jose dentist for children shows kids the best way to floss
Modern Dentist for Children San Jose
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Delta Dental Dentist San Jose
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Dr. Benjamin Cho Bay Area Children's Dentist
Bay Area Kid's Dentist Great Time
45th Anniversary Bay Area Children's Dentist
Milpitas Children's Dentist Free Dentistry
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San Jose kids dentist
Bay Area Dentist for Children
Kids love going to Dr. Benjamin Cho San Jose Children's dentist
Children's dentist in Milpitas San Jose best for kids to have fun
Children's dentist Delta Dental premier provider San Jose Milpitas
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Best way to brush, dentist San Jose
Dentist for Children San Jose best for kids with Special Needs
San Jose Dentist for children Dr. Benjamin Cho
Dr. Benjamin Cho, the fun dentist for kids

We really do love our patients!

and we know you're going to love us too.

Why choose us?: Testimonials

My daughter and I are among those who make long distance trips to go to dentistry for children (and grown-ups too!!) Every single time, it's so worth the drive. On our last visit, my daughter had a small cavity in one of her baby teeth. When we got it filled, it turned out to be a complete non-event; she never felt a thing, and after the fact, she was as nonchalant about the experience as she has been with every one of her cleanings. I have to say: I sure do wish that I had been able to be treated by a dentist as skilled as Dr. Cho when I was her age. Still, we feel blessed that we've found Dentistry For Children, and I'd gladly recommend them to anyone I know.

Patient Testimonial

David S. Morgan Hill, CA

"Dr. Cho, a mother's thank you to you and your staff with folded hands and bowed head.

This review is long overdue..Dr. Cho is a fine example of a perfect doctor, who is a perfect human being, too. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation in words.

When the other dentist failed to understand and address my 4 year old son's dental issues and things became worse, I found Dr. Cho online and left an emergency message on a weekend, and he immediately returned the call and accommodated us in his schedule as soon as possible. He has addressed, fixed, stabilized the dental issues with patience and genuine concern. Thank you so much, Dr. Cho. Again, I cannot thank you enough, especially the way you have addressed a mother's concern...even today, when my son's filling came out and I called in the morning, he accommodated us immediately. Even earlier, when some issue came up unexpectedly on weekends, he would return the call and address it right away. He is a doctor with a genuine instinct to care.

I regained my confidence in dentists, and started my treatment with him as well after years of running away from my dental problems.

Now, my 8 month old daughter will start her dental health check ups with him...and last but not the least, what an amazing staff from Mary to Robin to feels like family here.

Thank you so much. Dr. Sartaj"

"I just wanted to say how great Dr. Cho has been for my family. We've been seeing him for many years now for our son (and us too!). Our old pediatric dentist wanted to knock our son out with general anesthesia to do a root canal. We obviously did not want to do that, as he was only 5 or 6 years old at the time, so we were fortunate to find Dr. Cho who knew just how to do the procedure without knocking him out, and without him feeling any discomfort whatsoever.

Dr. Cho is extremely kind and caring... he always has our best interests at heart. We went from having a son that was terrified of the dentist (our old one), to one that doesn't mind going to the dentist at all!"

The staff is also very friendly and helpful. The office has a nice, friendly atmosphere... we always leave with clean teeth and a big smile!

"I took my 7y.o. son to see Dr. Cho after another dentist did a poor job on his teeth. Dr. Cho  and his staff are extremely competent, you can see they know what they are doing, and they are excellent with children! They are caring and professional. I wish I had gone to him in the first place, so my son wouldn't have had all the issues he had after seeing the other dentist. Dr. Cho and his team go above and beyond to make the visit as comfortable as possible for their patients. I just learned this week his employees have been with him for a very long time, I mean 20 plus years! That says a lot about him as a professional as well as a person. They are all wonderful!!!!"

"Yep, I have one of those kids who suffers from hyper-trypanophobia.  No, it's not some dental condition but rather a extreme fear of needles.  Well, he had 2 last baby teeth that he simply could not pull out and his adult teeth were coming in from behind.  They had to come out one way or another so we can get ready for braces.

We had another stubborn tooth a couple of years ago and a different dentist, and we had to go the route of valium sedation.  While it's comical to see your kid in a stupor, I knew I didn't want to go down that path again.

We went in for the appointment this week, and of course my son's anxiety levels were pretty high to say the least.  Dr. Cho and his staff did such a great job as my son wasn't even aware that he was getting Novacaine injections so the 2 teeth could be extracted without pain!  

We left the office with 2 pulled teeth, no tears, one relieved father, and a happy kid.  He was "chomping at the bit" for dinner less than 3 hours later and apparently suffered no lingering effects from the extraction.

I can't say enough good things about this most recent experience and the excellent care we receive from Dr. Cho and his staff!"

Did you know:  Our dental office has many patients who are children of dentists, pediatricians and doctors?  And many of those doctors are also patients as well!  That’s right, Dr. Cho is the dentist that other doctors and dentists trust for dental care for themselves and their children!  That is a huge compliment.  We are honored to be the "unofficial" dentist for dentist’s kids!

Did you know: There's a story behind how we started seeing adults in our practice.  When our patients grew up and became adults,  they didn’t want to we didn’t make them!  We are very proud to continue to see generations of families.

Did you know:  As of 2020 our staff have been here collectively for more than 90 years?!  Yes, that’s right.  Mary, our Receptionist, has been here for 26 years. Bobbie, our Practice Manager, has been here for 25 years.  Dr. Cho, our gentle, patient, and kind leader and doctor, has been here for 21 years.  Julie, our lead dental assistant has been here for 18 years.  This is an amazing testament to the incomparable quality of our caring doctor and dental office staff.  We love our patients and have spent our lives devoted to providing the highest quality dental care here in our “home”. 

Did you know: Many of our patients decided to go to dental school after their experiences at our office? That makes us smile!

Voted best Children's Dentist!  We love our patients and are so glad they love us too!  Thank you!

Dentistry for children San Jose flossing
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San Jose children's dentist, best field trip
Children's dentist Milpitas shows kids best way to brush
Best Children's dentist Milpitas
Milpitas Children's Dentist Free Dentistry
Voted best dentist San Jose
Voted best bay area dentist
San Jose dentist for children shows kids the best way to floss
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