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Dental Insurance Tips from a Dentist: How to choose the best dental insurance to maximize your dent

Our most frequently asked questions parents have for pediatric dentists in the San Jose Bay Area is about how to choose the best dental insurance and how to maximize dental insurance benefits for their children and families.

Tip #1: Choose a large dental insurance company who has a wide network of providers and select a participating dentist in your area.

One of the largest dental insurers in the United States is Delta Dental . Delta Dental offers a wide variety of insurance plans and one of the largest networks of providers. At Dentistry for Children & Adults Too! we are proud to be a Delta Dental Premier Provider and an Aetna Extend Provider!

We are are contracted with and an "in-network" provider for the Delta Dental Premier Plan and the Aetna Extend Plan which means members receive substantial contractual discounts on dental services for these plans. We also accept any insurance that allows you to choose your dentist, which means we accept a wide variety of insurance plans. For other PPO dental insurance carriers we would be an "out of network" provider. "What does that mean exactly?" That means that you may use your dental insurance benefits anywhere you like as long as your insurance carrier allows you to choose either one of their contracted "in network" providers, or an "out of network" provider. Most PPO insurances allow you to choose any dentist you wish.

"Will my benefits be the same or different depending on who I choose?" Many times your insurance benefit percentage is the same whether you choose an "in-network" provider" or an "out of network" provider. And sometimes they are slightly different. Your insurance company can help you determine your benefits for "in network" and "out of network" providers. There are many different insurance plans and levels of coverage so if you are unsure, contact your insurance company directly and ask them if you can go to any dentist you choose and what your benefits will be. They will have the most current benefit information for you and your family. This information is usually available online with your dental insurance company.

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