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Patient love the best dentist San Jose

Thank you to dentist San Jose

We are so touched when our patients appreciate what we do! ❤️ And it’s even more special to be thought of when a patient needs to leave our practice due to moving out of the area, changing jobs, or insurance. So we have a huge thank you going out this morning to Adrienne who sadly is leaving us :-( but thought of us and dropped off a sweet surprise! Homemade and still warm from the oven! What a wonderful compliment, and we so appreciate her taking the time out of her day to think of us this morning! We truly feel like our patients are part of our family and we will miss Adrienne and her family. We ❤️ our patients and our office is blessed to provide the very best dental care for the children and families of Milpitas, San Jose, Fremont and other Bay Area communities for 46 years! Thank you for the love!

Dentistry for Children & Adults Too!

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