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What an amazing story!

We just had to share this amazing review we received!

"This is my first public review for anyone, besides the annual performance reviews I had written for my team. While I personally am anti-social-media, I feel compelled to provide my strongest recommendation for Dr. Benjamin Cho and his RDA team on this Google platform.

To give a little background, my 5yo daughter, ET, is the type that would spend hours painting at her little arts-and-crafts corner. I understand and respect her joy of solitude and creativity, as I am an introvert myself; socializing can be draining at the end of the day, that’s why introverts are selectively social, for energy conservation :-D. ET is also careful when it comes to risk assessments: i.e. she refused to go on Merry-Go-Round, bc it made her too nauseous. Funny kid!

Anyhow, we came to Dr. Ben Cho for a dental emergency. It was quite a challenging situation, mostly because ET was in pain and was refusing care, but Dr. Ben Cho and his team worked together to do what was best for my ET. During the main procedure, he focused intently, was very gentle and mindful of her pain. On our follow-up visits, including a filling and cleaning, everything went flawlessly. Dr. Ben Cho patiently worked with me throughout the whole preparation process for all the visits, and was very supportive and open to my unconventional requests. I may have wasted his time quite a bit with my questions, but he went out of his way to help and explain. ET is now all happy and well. It is tough to see any kid in pain or is going through a difficult procedure, but to believe and trust that Dr. Ben Cho has our best interest in mind is very reassuring and comforting. He is also compassionate, warm and easy going, with a nice sense of humor. Dr. Ben Cho truly has unique talents with kids and an unmatched dedication to his patients, and I recommend him and his Dental clinic with the highest possible enthusiasm. YC"

It is indeed our great pleasure to be of service! And this is why we love what we do!

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