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Don't forget to use your dental insurance benefits before you lose them!

Use it or lose it, your money and dental benefits:

Many people don’t know they are at risk of losing THOUSANDS of dollars in dental insurance benefits at the beginning of the new year, as well as thousands of additional dollars that they have put into HSA’s (Health Savings Account and FSA’s (Flexible Spending Accounts). These are your hard-earned dollars that you will lose if you don’t use them before the end of the year! 60% of the U.S. population uses dental insurance every year in order to make their essential dental care more affordable. While there are many different kinds of plans, many have an annual maximum, which is the highest dollar amount of care it will cover per year, per person. Most people don’t even come close to using all of their dental insurance each year leaving thousands of dollars left over. This annual maximum resets at the beginning of every year. So, what happens to all that leftover benefit dollars that you paid for and didn’t use? The insurance company gets to keep it. That means the average American with private dental insurance is losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in benefits each year. In 2016 alone, dental insurance providers raked in about $150 BILLION worth of unused benefits. Whether you need a dental cleaning for you or your kids, teeth whitening, crowns, fillings, veneers or other dental care, there’s still time to get you in before the end of the year. Start off 2021 with a bright and shiny smile!

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