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A must read patient review, this is why we do what we do!

We had to share this wonderful Yelp review that we received on Friday. I think it speaks volumes about how much we love what we do!

From Ely on

My little brother and I have been coming to this dentistry even before Doctor Cho began his practice here (and it's already been a very long time since even then!). So you better believe it when we say that this place is amazing. My experience has been Five Star quality from the beginning and I can talk all about it, but I want my review to revolve around my brother's experience. For context, my brother is autistic and the dentistries we had gone to previously were, in few words, incredibly intolerant and ignorant of that important fact. In more words, these dentistries saw "autism" and "special needs" as if they were wildfire. So in response, they tried to put them out with things like "sleepy juice", threats to be hanged on a vest that was pinned to the wall over seven feet above the ground if we didn't drink it, being body-strapped down to the chair. My brother is a good kid. He doesn't need to be fought with, he needs to be comforted and talked to. I'm always so thankful that our parents found Dentistry for Children early on in our childhoods. Unlike our previous dentists, they understood that my brother didn't need any of that rough, traumatic treatment at all. He literally just needed to be spoken gently to and kept in the know as to what was happening. They made that genuine connection with him to show that they care and understand what he's afraid of, then found key ways to complete a procedure without compromising a positive experience for him. In short time, he no longer feared going to the dentist. Doctor Harris (founder, longlonglonglonglong-retired) had us loving going to the dentist, and Doctor Cho (his mentee) is no different. I feel that what sets them apart from our previous dentists is that they actually took the time to learn about my brother. Every appointment since day 1 they learned how to work with him, and gradually built their knowledge whilst applying it at every future appointment. Never had an issue. This dentistry has seen us grow since we were in elementary school, and now we're both adults in our mid-20's that continue to love going to the dentist...and getting a toy. /a somewhat off-note: My computer keeps red-lining "dentistries" as an incorrect word. Not only is it most definitely a word, it also reminded me why I kept using it- A dentistry is a team. These previous teams of people as a whole that we went to before didn't treat my brother well, not JUST their dentist. The team at Dentistry for Children is AMAZING. Along with Dr. Cho, we're very familiar with the kindness of Mary who is at the front, the dental assistants, and even Dr. Bob Panda!

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